delivery day, bal niketan ngo school, jaipur

this morning as we were on our way to deliver supplies to the bal niketan school in the malviya nagar slum of jaipur, we got some bad news. we were informed that the school had been shut down for three days due to widespread domestic violence in the area surrounding the school. this was most unfortunate for the children so eager to learn. however, we were still able to meet with the founders of the school who were very thankful for what we were bringing them. 8 new blackboards, an immense supply of dustless chalk and the funds for a bathroom to be built.

this is a very exciting step for dfsw as we have never helped a school by giving them such a sustainable facility. not only will it be a beneficial addition for the children of the school, but also the people of the slum.

we are extremely excited about finding this ngo school for so many reasons! it is exactly the kind of school that dfsw has been looking to support on an on-going basis. the reasons being they don’t charge tuition fees, they have no affiliation with the government, the teachers are there for the students and not the pay, they have created their own self-sustaining arts and crafts fundraising platform and they maintain a medical dispensary for the school and entire slum as well offering classes for women who want to further their education and make a better living.

this school is going to be a major part of dfsw‘s future. we hope to keep them running and help them improve their facilities and programs as well. it is our mission!

the malviya nagar slum. it formed around a cement factory and this rock face.

they recently stopped mining it after 25 years of breaking it apart.

children hang on the foundation of what will be the new bathroom.

all of them coming to talk with ash.

enamored by her video recording of them.

even though the school was shut down today the kids still come to play.

and bring their younger siblings along.

bringing in the a couple of the black boards and chalk with help from one of the founders.

showing off the arts and crafts the children make and sell for funds toward the school.

yes, even this amazing stuffed animal.


these are our favorites, what beautiful dolls. look at the incredible job on lord krishna (on the left).

also showing us there write ups in the newspaper.

thanks us for our donation, Namaste!

suddenly we heard a commotion outside of the office. sure enough the water truck had arrived and everyone rushed to fill up.

some of the students from bal niketan joined in filling every kind of container imaginable.

a crowded water tank.

this student was so smart! she went straight to the source.

more students helping out!

watching the crazy scene.

the founders of the bal niketan school are a policeman and a good samaritan. the world needs more people like them!

playing an intense game of marbles.

one of the youngsters helping clean the school.

the computer lab padlocked. one of the two doors at the school.

three open air classrooms.

the office and a goat.

a different scene at the water tank.

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One Response to “delivery day, bal niketan ngo school, jaipur”

  1. Great photos again. Love the return of the stache. Sorry I missed you in Manhatten. I’ll come stay with you this summer for a week! Ash looks like she’s in her element there.

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