first visit to bal niketan school, jaipur

today we visited the bal niketan ngo school in a small mining slum outside of jaipur city. upon our arrival, it was incredible to see the conditions of the school after hearing so much about the amazing things that they do there. they have a computer program, a medical dispensary on-site and a great education curriculum. all of this is done under one roof for the computers, modified stables for three classrooms and two classes of students learning under a tree. not to mention the wind that blows through the campus on an on-going basis. you see, the school is set at the base of a large mountain face that is being mined continuously. this makes it very dusty, too. we can’t even imagine what they do during the monsoon season and when it reaches 116 degrees fahrenheit in may. they make do with what they have and are definitely doing all they can to give these kids a good education.

after spending time there today, we have decided to provide them with 8 new blackboards (the ones they have are worn out), a large supply of chalk and another addition to the school facilities that you will find out about tomorrow. but take our word for it, it’s very exciting!!

we can’t wait for our delivery day tomorrow!

a student writes his colors on the blackboard in front of his class.

the computer lab has 3 monitors and a flatscreen. the kids partner up and learn together.

the water system for the children.

one of the 8 blackboards they are using at the moment. they desperately need replacing.

the entire school. two classes under the trees. three stables for classrooms on the right and the computer lab at the back. the building in the center of the campus is a temple.

they have so little chalk that they are forced to share one piece between classrooms.

chickens, goats, cows and pigs share the space with the school.

the winds were so intense that they had to stop teaching.

the kids were covering their faces and couldn’t escape the gusts of dusty wind.

it was hard to photograph, let alone even learn or teach. but they didn’t give up.

off to buy the supplies.

dirt floors and stone walls loves helping!

the shop owner had to climb into the ceiling storage to find our chalk.

loading up the car.

~ by jacobbmurphy on March 5, 2012.

One Response to “first visit to bal niketan school, jaipur”

  1. This is great to see. I volunteered in India a few years aho and remember the dirt floors and sandstone walls you describe. It was sad to see such basic conditions, children sitting on dirty scratchy mats on hard floors. However, I found the staff were very dedicated and the children REALLY wanted to learn and they got by despite the limited resources. Sometimes I think we could improve our education system in the UK by simplifying it a little and learn from India, there are too many rapidly changing government initiatives going on and it has become so stressful and bureaucratic. Thanks for posting.

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