donation delivery day: darbar government school, jaipur

our second day at the darbar school in jaipur consisted of a meeting with the principal, going over the list of needed supplies and getting to know the children. after the meeting (and of course more chai) we compiled a list and were on our way to old jaipur for their much-needed school supplies.

to our surprise, during the second session (the second shift of students) i found one of the original children from my first visit to the school in october 2010. her name is riyna (now 6 years old) and she is precious. it was great to see that she is still in school and thriving.

same school but a different place. the tree is gone!

they had a very good record of attendance on this day, as the kids knew we were coming.

making the list of supplies with the principal.

one of the construction workers re-doing the principal’s office. progress!

little rascals showing off for us.

class picture!

riyna looking at her picture form my first trip.

one of the principals pacifying a child.

off to get supplies.

we cleaned them out!

thank goodness for our friend and translator, abhishek!

off again!

time to get to work building book packets and building pencil boxes.

we had lots of help from rajendar, abhishek, paul, lauren and calin. thanks guys!

arriving with the supplies.

waiting patiently for their turn.

little helper.

adrenaline pumping, we started to hand out the books and supplies.

she got dressed up just for us!

“thank you”

“take good care of your supplies”


another class picture.

the teachers were thrilled. look at all of those future supplies!

storing the surplus.

ash interviewing another student.


the teachers’ thank you to us. so generous. more chai!

once you shake one hand, you have to shake them all!

showing us what they have learned.

this kid is an amazing reader. listen to his english!

a fond farewell.

time to say goodbye.

time for the kids from the second session.

hanging out in the shade waiting for the principal.

she’s here! what a warm welcome.

setting up the classroom.

yes, several cows infiltrated the schoolyard. this one went wild!

the principal safely locked them out.

taking attendance and passing out supplies.

so happy!

cute little rainbow shoes.

showing off her new pencil box.

another student from two years ago!

MORE CHAI!! so nice.

…and bananas for the kids.

ash’s earring buddy.

saying a final thank you.

class picture.

me with my two old friends from my last trip.

what an incredible feeling to have everything come full circle and follow through with the first school that started it all. thank you all so much for your support! more to come.

~ by jacobbmurphy on March 2, 2012.

4 Responses to “donation delivery day: darbar government school, jaipur”

  1. Thank you for sharing your special journey! The pictures tell a beautiful story. And couldn’t agree more with your tag line – education is a right and not a privilege. I am going to be pinning one of your pictures on Pinterest to share your story.

    • thank you so much! enjoying and sharing these posts is all that we can hope for. your support is so appreciated! we are going to more schools on monday and tuesday so please come back!

  2. time won’t allow me to say what I wanna say, but every single shot on this blog tell some of the most vivid and clearest stories known to man. How the kids have so little, yet their happiness supercedes the things that they lack in, and yet, their persistence in wanting better out of life burns in their hearts.

  3. Inspiring stuff guys, keep up the great work!!
    Loving the blog, and can’t get enough of those photos!!!

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