back where it all began: the darbar school, jaipur

walking down the alley again to the darbar school was a huge rush today. the adrenaline pumping through me as we approached the high wall and metal gate was overwhelming. i was shaking. to be back where it all begin and know that we have something to give this time was fulfilling. the last words out of the principal’s mouth the last time i was there were “help us”. and we will.

after a discussion with all of the teachers today we will return tomorrow morning with the supplies that they need most. the very most basic needs by any school’s standards.

we are equally as thrilled to give as the teachers and students are to receive.

enjoy the pictures and sound clip below and please share.

walking down the gully in the slum to the darbar school.

abhishek communicating our intentions to the teachers. we printed out pictures from our first visit and they were thrilled.

the daily government meal has arrived!

dal and chapati (lentils and bread).

well-worn shoes.

so shy!

ash interviewing a student (elma) as abhishek translates

this kid has so much to say!

the youngest student of darbar. so cute.

one of darbar’s several teachers.

discussing what supplies they need most over chai and biscuits.

she has beautiful handwriting.

the entire school and the dump beyond its walls.

an interesting method of keeping ants out of the classrooms. now they just need to work on the RATS!

~ by jacobbmurphy on February 28, 2012.

2 Responses to “back where it all began: the darbar school, jaipur”

  1. Ash and Jake- You guys rock! How exciting to go back to one of the original schools, and be welcomed as you were. We think about you all the time and can’t wait to see the next messages from you. All is well here…we are having a great time with R & G. xo Ma and Pa

  2. You are soooo telling a most compelling story! It is amazing what you are doing!

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