arun montasari public school, delhi: day 2

the most incredible part about our second in old delhi was seeing our sponsor children back in school. after paying off their back fees and funding their education for a full year in advance they immediately joined their peers and were learning again in no time.

we were invited back to shoot and interview students during the opening exercises (sound clip below) and were in awe. it was overwhelming. chanting, stomping and stretching are only a few of the things we witnessed from the 220 students ranging in age from 3 to 12. the older students and teachers leading the effort. it was incredible to see just how many students they are teaching in the small confines of the three story building located in the old delhi slum.

enjoy the sounds of their opening exercises below.

blessing the school first thing in the morning.

the ABCs

waiting patiently for morning ceremonies.

filing to the courtyard.

Subhan back in school today!

ash saying good morning to the students.

groggy early morning.

the teaching staff waiting for the students to arrive.

homework help.

ash interviewing ansar, teachers and students.

the head master before the ceremony.

so many students! this is only a third of the children.

shooting this was a LITTLE overwhelming. there was a lot going on.



the older girls led the ceremony.

subhan chanting.

aram back in school!


getting the blood pumping!

filing to class.

showing off her work.

toilet and toys.

aram in class again. so happy.

subhan learning again.

getting interviewed.


ash signing autographs. she was a HUGE hit.

waiting patiently for the bathroom.

ash exchanging our donation with the head master. they were very pleased.

some of the books that we donated to the school.

the school front. “public” simply means that everyone is welcome as long as they can afford to pay the fees.

ash, arshi and ansar walking home from school.

me with ansar’s nephew.

ansar’s son, zuber (arshi’s twin), is a photographer in the making!

~ by jacobbmurphy on February 23, 2012.

4 Responses to “arun montasari public school, delhi: day 2”

  1. […] out our latest post about our work with the schools of india at the dirt floors and stone walls blog. listen to the sounds and enjoy the pictures from the […]

  2. Jake and Ash- Dad and I just watched your 2nd blog. We are thrilled and can see that Ash is a huge asset: very popular (darker-haired lady :-)). The sound bites are the best! Additionally, your contribution to the school to continue to educate your guide’s four children is heartwarming. Right thing to do. And, all those books you donated! Fantastic! Continue the great work. We will eagerly continue to follow you. You both look sooo happy.
    Much love, health, success and peace…Ma and Pa

  3. Such stunning photographs, I really enjyed looking at them – thanks for sharing.

  4. Your work is so beautiful!!! Thank you so much for your dedication to bringing their faces closer to ours. It is truly a blessing, and I am jealous of the opportunity you have been given to change those lives.

    That is what you are doing.

    Don’t stop.

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