dfsw’s first school visit of 2012

it’s amazing how open india will be to you if you are open to india in return.

on our journey to find schools in delhi, we decided to go on a rickshaw adventure today. it ended up being the best decision we could have made. after spending a couple of hours with our driver (ansar), he invited us to his home for lunch with his beautiful family. sure enough, he has four kids and we were soon talking about their school situation.

the school is down the street from their home in an old delhi village, so we decided to go check it out. once there, we explained what dfsw is and what we are aiming to do. we were welcomed with open arms. they gave us a wonderful tour of the school and we were very impressed by their passion for education, but it still left a lot to be desired. it is a “private” school that survives solely on monthly fees paid by the parents or guardians (if they can’t pay, their children won’t go to school).

it’s not a matter of just putting them in a public school if they can’t afford private school. it is a matter of them actually getting an education. in ansar’s case, he recently had to pull his two oldest boys out of school because he could not afford to pay the monthly fees. after spending time with him and his family and hearing his story, we have decided to use part of the donated funds to pay the back fees and send the boys back to school for the upcoming school year.

tomorrow morning we are returning to the school to talk to the administrators about how we can help more with supplies and textbooks.

if you’d like to see what else we’ve been up to in india, visit http://www.jacobbmurphy.wordpress.com.

thanks for your continued support and please enjoy the photos and sounds below. they were taken at the school today.

“the schoolyard”

our driver, ansar. a true family man.

typical delhi traffic.

the front of the school we visited today.

a dedicated (and shy) teacher.

love the things they chose to illustrate the ABCs.

waiting for school to end so they can ring the bell!

a very strong student!

i’ve never seen kids so excited in my life!

tight squeeze in this classroom. some small classrooms will hold as many as 60 students at one time.

down the street from the school by ansar’s house.

ansar’s daughter. she’s a twin!

causing trouble in the living room.

ansar’s amazing wife, sonya, made an incredible and delicious meal for us.

ansar and most of his family.

he’s a photographer too!

maybe he wants to be a veterinarian?

ansar loves his children so so much.

they love ash and ash loves them. we can’t wait to go back tomorrow!

ash looking like someone you don’t want to mess with. YIKES!

~ by jacobbmurphy on February 21, 2012.

3 Responses to “dfsw’s first school visit of 2012”

  1. So lucky the father picked you up for a ride, he probably cant believe it!

  2. You guys truely are amazing…

  3. all i can say “it’s india the beautiful mess”

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